They say that dreams reflect our inner world, our subconscious. In dreaming we process events and situations that have emerged from the depths of the Self. Dreams are the feelings that we do not say, but that we tell in our mind and only at night. Each of us is made up of our own reality that tells the world in our own way. And as Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can make it.” That’s exactly how Vladimir Chukic creates his paintings by dreaming them.

For the first time in the “Grafikart” gallery and for the first time on the Sofia exhibition stage, we are showing a graphic artist who, before standing in front of the graphic press, dreams of his paintings. Graphic art lovers can view his 50 graphics in the gallery’s art space from October 5 to November 3, 2023.

About his graphic sheets, Vladimir Cukic says: “I see the picture in my dream and then I create it.” And that’s exactly how his works look – as if they came from another world, distant and unknown to us, the common man. Vladimir Čukić is passionate about history, old masters and music, and these are three of the main themes that provoke his mind to create images and transfer them to the graphic plate. To this day, Čukić’s art is marked by fantastic forms, mysticism and symbolism. And music – every theme, form, image is accompanied by music. He is so attached to her that he even dreams about her and hears melodies in his sleep.

The theme of travel is also present in his work – whether he travels through dreams, through space, through the world in reality or through the history of ancient civilizations, movement gives him a strong impetus to create, tell and search.

The works of Vladimir Cukic are somehow metaphysical, they have no connection with reality, they take place somewhere in space. And doesn’t he come by chance from the future, with the awareness that he has to convey through history messages important to humanity?!