It is said that art, above all, does not affect the mind of a human, but their emotions. The Grafikart Gallery takes advantage just of this and creates emotions. If you are looking for a place where you want to get away from the noise of the city and indulge in the art of graphics – this is your place. The Grafikart Gallery is a space for exhibitions and events that presents focused graphic art – in the range from its classical forms to contemporary means of expression. Space for meeting graphic lovers with established authors, but also artists, who have chosen to work with the print press for their vocation in the 21st century – seeking new ideas and plastic directions, that cross the existing boundaries of this old media. If you are tempted by art, you can certainly indulge in it in the full sense of the word and organize your own small festivals and workshops immersed in an artistic atmosphere.

Gallery “GraphikArt” is part of the association “Culture, Sports and Health ML”, founded in 2007. Over the years the Association carries out various activities, and since 2017 together with the Ministry of Culture initiated the first National competition for graphics – classical techniques. The competition is held every two years and encourages the work of young artists in the field of graphics.

Part of the policy of the Association “Culture, Sports and Health ML” is to support art, but not in a campaigns, but on the contrary – to be its permanent mission, helping to develop it in our country and promote it abroad.

Since 2020, the Association “Culture, Sports and Health ML” has partnered with the State Cultural Institute under the Minister of Foreign Affairs, which conducts a series of exhibitions presenting the five artists with whom the gallery “GraphikArt” works permanently – Vasil Kolev, Branko Nikolov, Veselin Damyanov, Emanuela Kovach and Lyudmil Georgiev.